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Modal is a specific type of rayon fabric, Spinning renewable cellulose fiber from beech, pine, or bamboo trees, However made out of wood pulp they go through various chemical process during manufacturing that's the reason why fabric is considered semi-synthetic, Considered modal as second generation and advanced micro modal (lycocell) is a third generation fabric which is widely used in scarf making now. We use it with blends like silk, cotton, and cashmere wool to gain the luxury look and for season specific purpose to make different long scarves for women.

Properties that made modal fabric popular;

  • It's durable and very strong fiber.
  • Modal as being natural fiber it can imitate feels and luxurious like silk, wool, and cotton.
  • Modal has been around more than 10 decades.
  •  It's dye-able to produce vibrant and bright colors.
  •  It's super soft as smooth as silk, durable, shrinkage   resistant and breathable fabric, Because of its ability to absorb excess liquid at a rate of 50% more than other natural fabrics such as cotton it supports ability to protect skin and body temperature, Also manage moisture preventing to grow bacteria.  
  • We at dtexshop make scarves from high quality micro-modal and viscose fabric imported from Japan and Austria.
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