How to identify the genuine silk and silk real scarves.

When you buy silk or either silk scarf, it's utmost important that what we get in return is worth against paying, Silk comes at its cost. It might comes as disappointing! If you buy a fake one offered as original, So how do we identify the real ones?.  

Scarves for women

Silk price - Silk comes in the category of luxury on top of all fiber, It's ten times costlier than other fabrics. The bottom line is its low price for the silk triggers a signal of its being fake. Polyester can be made like silk to scam retail buyers. Also remember "satin" is not always the silk fabric it describe the look and texture of fiber and weave. 


Luster - A Buyer familiar with silk can identify silk by just a touch and feel, But what if we are buying online, closer look at it's luster, It's different from all other fabrics, Silk fiber refracts light coming from a different angle and produces various shades of color. Synthetic doesn't have this characteristic and its look same from every angle.

Genuine silk fabric

By touching a silk and rubbing it with hands if you feel warmth it's real. Artificial and synthetic look like silk you never experience this warmth. Also by touching you really feel the unique smoothness and softness of real silk that made it perfect for making a Silk scarves

Burn test - Extract few threads from the silk product's inner seam untwist and burn it with lighter or candle, real silk smell like burning human hair, will stop burning on leaving the flame and become a curl balls when you  rub it with hands it will turn into fine powdery ash. The same thing happens with wool also but both can be differentiated by its look and weave easily. Synthetic or fake fiber will burn like plastic and turn into black hard balls continue to burn on leaving the flame.

Note - You need to exercise this test cautiously, Gather bucket of water as a counter measure before you do.


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