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How to have a great wardrobe with scarves September 29, 2017 19:10

You have a great wardrobe with every kind of clothing that suits any occasion but there is one key element missing. This key element definitely makes the statement you are making bolder and to really make very bold fashion statements this fall and winter season, you need the key element - Silk Scarves.

Printed silk Scarves | adding colors to your mood and life July 29, 2016 00:59

Have you ever wondered with the scarf size six meters long? My obsession for scarves starts with Indian sari which is five and a half meter long scarf that can be draped in amazing ways and designed hundreds of styles. No any styles of wearing wrap or drape scarf in the world can compete with the styles of wearing sari scarf, yes it’s a bit tricky and complex yet one of a kind to reveal woman’s beauty.  Scarves have been always fashionable and popular since days of ancient Rome. Whether covering your head or wrapped around the neck, Scarf renews outfits, add values color texture and style to outfit. Wearing scarf is so flexible that there are hundreds of ideas published as how to and still inventing.

Italian scarves substitute digitally printed scarf. From the days of evolution till date digital printing on fabric made possible of mass customization and make scarves more popular one can design his/her own scarf.  The silk scarf is timeless and wanderlust considered the best investment in scarves as they long last. Precious scarves made out of silk, wool, linen, cashmere and modal hand rolled ham. With the online presence buying scarf of your choice becomes so easier. selling high-end scarves and woman’s clothing at an affordable price. Unique and exclusive online shop has a large selection of woman’s clothing, silk scarves, and digitally printed fabric. They ship from India and USA. You can order personalized design and size for your needs and demands.

Scarf - wrap up and cover up May 18, 2015 02:28

    Silk Modal is the perfect fabric for Scarves and digital print make it bold and colorful, And when its a scarf the design include leopard, abstract, emboss, the city skyline is our fave. Rolled hem with machine or hand you name it and we have it. Our future collection of scarves and Tunic will reveal lot like the beach cover-up and Caftan's yet revealing luxury with embellishment.